Only a few months ago was I able to confirm the suspected connection of the descendants of Moses Yeruslavitz, and I explained that connection in the documentation of the Yeruslavitz family history. Because of this write-up, I was contacted by Barbara, a descendant of Fanny Hayes Yeruslavitz’s husband’s uncle, Frank Disman.

Barbara lives not far from me, so we got together today to exchange stories, and she was able to provide a good amount of information as we talked about the importance of having family. She offered some old photographs of Fanny, who was known to those close to her as Fan.

Barbara remembers Fan as a warm person.

Brooks Family Tree with Fanny's Descendants

Brooks Family Tree with Fanny’s Descendants

5 Responses to Fan Hayes Yeruslavitz Brooks

  1. Sheila Weiner says:

    I am Sheila Weiner, daughter or Rae Yeruslavitz Rosenblum Weiner.
    I would love to hear from the Yeruslavitz family.

  2. sheila weiner says:

    Pardon the typo……daughter OF Rae Yeruslavitz Rosenblum Weiner

  3. bstein2010 says:

    Hi I am Bonnie (Schaffer) Stein. My Maternal Grandmother was Fanny Hayes Brooks. My mother Ruth (Brooks) Schaffer was Fanny’s younger daughter. I can be reached on Facebook and I live in Westchester County, NY

  4. Steven Sacks-Wilner says:

    I am a relative of Mamie Finklestein Disman in the Revere Beach photo.

  5. Nancy Nelson says:

    I am Nancy (Brooks) Nelson daughter of Frank Disman Brooks and Ida Brodsky. Mary(Mamie) Brooks Traster was my paternal grandmother. She and Harry Brooks, her first husband, were divorced. Ultimately, a match was made with a first cousin, Louis Traster,

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